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Under Connstruction

Pray For Us {answers by his Grace Bishop Moussa}

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{slide=Slide    1-What is the importance of Confession?}

In confession we receive two very important things: absolution for our sins and a solution to our problems through the direction and guidance of our spiritual father. Confession is not only beneficial spiritually, but it is also beneficial psychologically, because sometimes we just need someone to listen to us. Your spiritual father will listen to you in a spirit of fatherhood, and being guided by the Holy Spirit, he will give you comfort, because the Holy Spirit is the comforter, "the Paraclete". Confession is better known through experience and not through description. Be regular in confession, not because of dogmatic teaching, but because Of the experience.

{slide=Slide    2-Should I set limits or boundaries when I'm confessing to my father of  confession? }

 NO...limits at all, it’s very important to talk about everything with father confessor, he is boundto keep all your secrets, God will speak to you through him and the holy Spirit is present in the sacrament of confession.

{slide=Slide    3-Is it important to confess regulargly or just when I sin?}

You will make many mistakes, my brother, if you do not maintain your relationship with a father confessor, even in the place where you are a stranger if you come from another town. This is the beginning of withdrawal from the way of the Kingdom. Regular confessions are important stations that occur at close intervals during which you re-examine yourself and ascertain your progress.

Make haste, my brother, in choosing a father confessor and keep in touch with him continually so that you obtain the help of the Holy Spirit in the personal, social, spiritual and academic circumstances of your life. You will find that you get sound advice and sincere help from your spiritual father.

{slide=Slide    4-What is the best way to confess ?}

 1-check your thoughts:
                  {Tell you father all what you are thinking about.Which way your thoughts are going….}
2-Check your Senses:
                  {Tell your father what you are looking, hearing, talking,...}
3-Check your Heart, feelings
                  {Do I love and care about everyonr, hates, gets angry,...}
4-Check your actions:
                   {How do I take action from my family, friends, at work?..}
5-Check your behaviors:
                   {Am I walking in god's way or wrong direction….}

 {slide=Slide    5-What should I do when constantly the same sins over again ?}

HG: Because we are not infallible, it is expected that we may commit the same sins again, especially during Certain stages of life. But you must always struggle against this sin by nourishing yourself spiritually in order to be victorious, and you must cofess your sins to the priest so that he may help you overcome this sin by praying for you and giving for you guidance.


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