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His Grace Bishop Antony

Listening to the call of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Grace Bishop Antony entered the monastic life in 1981 at the Anba Bishoy Monastery where he was ordained as a monk and priest by the name of Father Akxious El Anba Bishoy. Then he started his mission in Switzerland and later the Republic of Ireland and the British Isles. In 1995 His Holiness Pope Shenouda III ordained Father Akxious as a Bishop by the name of Bishop Antony to be the first Bishop of the Coptic Diocese of Ireland, Scotland, North East England and its affiliated regions.


Bishop Antony's key dates

Event Date
Ordained as a Monk (Fr. Axios Anba Bishoy) 29/03/1981
Ordained as a Priest 09/09/1984
Ordained as a Proto P. 23/12/1989
Ordained as a bishop (Bishop Antony) 11/06/1995

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